Our story

Swell for Good is a social enterprise. We believe that we,  kitesurfers, can contribute to social projects while we are traveling. 

That’s why we commit 100% of the profits from our services and products to funding projects.

How the swell works?


The scheme offers a perfect balance between kitesurfing and people connections in stunning destinations. Swelly members can enjoy their favourite sport while leaving a personal footprint thanks to Swell for Good.

Sizing the human opportunity

We never know how big the SWELLY journey will be.
Swell for Good aims to support sustainable education and ocean projects.

Meet locals

We meet local entrepreneurs who are looking for business information, mentoring or support and we organise workshops and business talks to find out about future opportunities.

Launching projects

The trip is over but the journey is just starting. Swelly members and local people remain connected. Swell for Good explore business projects to raise money ethically.






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